Victor cuzmenco

Victor Cuzmenco

The author of the works, Victor Cuzmenco, was born in 1948 in the Odessa region, Ukraine. In 1974 he graduated from the Institute of Fine Arts „V. I. Surikov ”from Moscow. Participates in over two hundred and fifty national and international exhibitions. The artist's works can be found in public collections: the National Museum of Art of Moldova, museums in the CIS countries, funds of the Ministry of Culture of Russia, the fund of the Georghe Apostu Art Center in Bacău (Romania); but also in private collections in Europe, USA, Singapore, Turkey, Israel, Russia and Ukraine.

This exhibition represents a continuous exploration of the possibilities and limits of the concept of Ontological Painting, created by Victor Cuzmenco 30 years ago. The artist visualizes such broad philosophical categories as space, time, structure, movement, spiritual states, and the interactions between them in our dynamic world.

Unlike early ontological paintings, the works presented in stage 3.0 are an attempt to introduce dynamism and continuity in the appearances created not only by the structure of natural materials, but also by the active elements of oil painting. At the same time, bright pasty paints demonstrate, first of all, the properties of the material: viscosity, plasticity, texture. The painter also extends the execution of the painting not only on the plane of the canvas, but also under the cubeptic frame (cubeptych) in the form of cubes of different sizes. Volumetric objects create a sense of continuity and spatial isolation of the created appearances.

Iana Albu, curator of the exhibition

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