Traian Mocanu - painting, graphic

Traian Mocanu, painter, graphic artist, poet and an essayist, was born on the 26th of August in Iași, Romania. Graduated from, the Bucharest National University of Arts “Nicolae Grigorescu”. During his studies, the artists begins to explore an experimental direction, participating in a number of exhibitions, centering on the topic of light and darkness, not as opposite elements, but rather pieces belonging to the same, exuberant, chromatic universe.

Works as an art teacher, in Iași. After the revolution, activates as the Speciality Inspectorwithin the Department of Culture of the Regional Council. Takes part in the establishment of “Atelier 35” a showroom for young artists. He becomes a member of the Association of Artists in 1990. In that same year, the artist starts to have international exhibitions, which bring him, not only recognition, but also a shift in his pictorial discourse to match the requirements of the market.

The artist combines poetry, drawing and painting, in an experimental and authentic way. In the works Mocanorfoze I and II (graphics), he constructs a confession of a Bestiarius and the man – animal cycle, presenting the metamorphoses he undergoes as premonitions of sorts. Traian Mocanu presents through his graphic work, an anxious unknown trying to seek and crystallize paradoxical experiences, using mythical creatures and distorted human anatomy.

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