General entry:

students - 2 lei
pensioners - 5 lei
adults - 10 lei

- The last Sunday of each month
- preschool children (up to the age of 7);
- children from residential institutions;
- children up to 18 years of age with disabilities, as well as for their accompanying person;
- adults with disabilities, as well as for the person accompanying them;
- official delegations, as well as for cultural delegations;
- employees of the national museum network, the Ministry of Culture and national institutions in the field of cultural heritage;
- pupils and students studying in art education institutions (fine arts) and members of the Union of Fine Artists;
- term soldiers of the National Army;
- members of ICOM and ICOMOS.

Guide in Romanian / Russian languages:
For children from residential and military institutions within the National Army - free of charge
For pupils, students - 30 lei
For adults - 50 lei

English / French guidance:
For pupils, students - 80 lei
For adults - 100 lei
For any of these activities the groups will consist of a maximum of 20 people.

Additional information at the telephone number 373 22 24 13 12, Public Relations section.

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