Graphics collection

The formation of the Graphics Collection of National Art Museum of Moldova began in 1945. As a result of acquisitions and donations, at present it counts more than 11 thousand works created by professional Moldavian artists who accomplished their studies in Moldova and abroad during 1892-2008. All the works are characterized by a high level of craftsmanship; they treat different subjects, and are made in different genres and techniques. The collection offers the opportunity to reveal the trends of the development of national graphics and scenography as well as the stylistic peculiarities of the drawers and scenographers.

Among the most representative works of the collection there may be remarked those made in watercolor, pastel – creations of the artists at the end of the 19th century – commence of the 20th century: A. Baillayre, L. Arionesco-Baillayre, N. Berezovschi, E. Maleshevschi, N. Gumalic, V. Okushko, R. Okushko, P. Piskariov etc. The works of these artists were often exhibited at “Official Salons” organized by Société de Belle Arte in Chisinau and Bucharest. Their art was an integral part of the European artistic movement of that period. The individual artistic style of T. Baillayre, G. Ceglacoff, S. Kogan, V. Ivanov, G. Fiurer developed mainly in the field of engraving.

National Graphics Collection comprises a large number of engravings: on metal, woodcuts, xylography, and lithography. Artists who approached this art genre – E. Childescu, A. David, A. Cocieru, V. Cojocaru, A. Colabneac, V. Koreakin, V. Kovali, G. Guzun, E. Merega, S. Solonari, I. Taburtsa, S. Tuhari, P. Turcan, I. Vatamanitsa – are represented in the museum collection through series of works.

The art of scenographers is represented in museum’s collection through décor sketches for films made at the “Moldova film” studio. These are décor sketches for the movies “Cradle song”, “Wait for us at the dawn”, “The last freebooter”, “Ten winters for a summer”, “Red glades”, “Serghei Lazo”, “The risk” etc. Graphic sketches of S. Bulgakov are expressive and dynamic. Those of A. Roman are decorative and full of color.

The collection of theatrical scenography of National Art Museum of Moldova comprises works made by professional painters in 1921-2006. These are décor sketches, costumes, theatre programs – drama, opera, ballet and music halls. The collection was formed during 1949-2006.

Décor sketches and costumes made in 1920-1932 were donated by Auguste Baillayre. 28 works are innovative for that period of time. They were made for classic productions and abound in styles: romanticism, impressionism, cubism, expressionism. It was the time of harlequinade: creative fantasies and original interpretations. Two décor sketches with Harlequins are made by E. Ivanovskaia and A. Baillayre. Among costume sketches there is the art piece of Gheorghe Pojedaev “Lady in kimono”.

National Art Museum collection comprises also works of authors like E. Ivanovskaia, N. Bragalia, M. Starcevskaia, V. Evers, N. Danilcenco. Their works are delicate, laconic and expressive.

Every work from the museum collection representing the art of scenography in Moldova has an individual value and is part of the wonderful universe whose name is theatre.

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