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From Art and History, to Religion and Mentality, the visits to museum deepen and complement the knowledge about ourselves and world. Face to face with the object, in a less rigid and conventional space, in a refined environment, when the subjects are freely discussed - all these help the visitor to see, select, develop imagination and creativity. Together with the school and other cultural institutions, the museum is the most indicated place for the education and training of the public.

In this context our offer comprises:

Independent visits

They allow the teachers together with pupils freely discover the exhibitions.

Visits of discovery

They are adapted to the level of each class and allow discovering the main aspects of the exhibition. The class is accompanied by a cultural mediator of the museum.

Thematic visits-workshops

During these visits the children are challenged to think critically, compare, find similarities, identify, classify, describe, and generalize. Thus, a museum object becomes a tool for training. At the end of the visit the children will have the possibility to strengthen the knowledge by means of some short games, contests, workshops. In this context the museum project includes the following topics:

Art genres

Art is a science with its own concepts, ideas and rules. Children will learn to distinguish different art genres on the basis of artworks from museum collections, will know the main notions of the plastic language and the basic elements of history and theory of art. At the end of the visit children will be able to make by themselves a painting in their favorite genre, applying into practice the theory of art.

Myths and legends

In our childhood we were all fascinated by the marvelous universe of myths and legends. Now children have the possibility not only to read about gods, nymphs, heroes, fauns, but also to admire wonderful artworks from museum collection whose authors were inspired by myths. Myths become real right in front of children’s eyes!

Life at the royal court

Any girl dreams about a ball dress and any boy would like to be a brave knight ready at any time to defend his beloved lady. The epoch of elegance and refinement, of fineness and chivalry may be visualized in the paintings representing heroes of ancient times.

Fashion and garments

Fashion and style are constantly changing. All along the centuries the garments reflected the evolution of history. The sophisticated crinolines were replaced by classic dresses; the bouffant trousers were replaced by an elegant suite and the periwigs were thrown away as the ladies and gentlemen preferred natural hair. Let’s follow together the breathtaking itinerary of the fashion!

Gestures that speak

A gesture may say a thousand words and a glance may reveal … what? The play of glances may disclose different emotions: love, hate, fear, happiness… What if to try to get into the emotional state of the heroes from the artworks exhibited in the museum galleries? Thus we will discover a magnificent inner world expressed by only one glimpse, mimics or gesture.

Great Christian holydays

We are part of a nation with rich religious traditions. In order to demonstrate the young generation the spiritual strength of our people we invite you to visit the Galleries with Religious Art and see the most representative artworks of the genre. In the quiet atmosphere of the Gallery the moderator will tell children about great Christian holydays, the life of saints and of some biblical personages.

Story of the nature

Nature cannot speak but we can understand it through multiple observations of a keen and attentive eye to the subtlest details of a rustling forest, impetuous river, and flowery field. The landscapes reproduce the charm of the nature but the city has its own charm that is expressed in the cityscapes.

Europe in five paintings

A trip to Europe does not need much time and money. You do not agree with this statement? Such a trip is possible even without leaving the walls of the museum. We suggest you an imaginary excursion into five paintings – five countries of Europe. Enjoy a visit abroad!


The workshop is an unconventional place where the little art lovers will create their own universe. In this framework art is a means of self expression, of unfettering the emotions, of liberating the imagination.

The workshop is organized on the occasion of International Day of the Museums, winter and Easter holydays. The children accompanied by the project’s coordinator will fully demonstrate their creativity making real “masterpieces” using modeling, application, drawing, collage etc. Their artworks will further be displayed in the galleries of the museum.

Interactive visits

Hello, Mister Artist!

Within personal exhibitions of the artists organized at the museum children will get acquainted with the author of the exhibited artworks. The artists will tell them about the materials and techniques used and will divulge some of mysteries of art. We invite you to approach different aspects of art at the interactive meeting “Hello, Mister Artists!”

Interference of arts

In the academic year 2008-2009 National Art Museum of Moldova launched in collaboration with Musical School “E. Doga” the project “Interference of arts”, a combination of music and fine arts with the participation of primary school and gymnasium pupils. Taking into account the success of the project, the museum moderators decided to continue it also in 2009-2010. We will bring the muses under the same roof for children to discover the colors of music and the music of colors. To participate at the interactive meetings it is necessary to program in advance.

Special events

The museographers try to diversify the museum activity by organizing special events for public of different ages and categories. The most representative are International Day of Museums, Night of Museums and Children’s Carnival.

Since 1977 The International Committee of Museums is annually celebrating the Day of Museums on May 18th. A range of activities is taking place in this day: openings of the exhibitions, performances, concerts etc. The most loyal and active visitors get the Card of Museum’s Friend.

Night of the Museums is being organized since 2005 at the initiative of Ministry of Culture of France. Meanwhile, museums from 47 countries adhered to this initiative. This night the museum may be freely accessed until 12 p.m.

Children’s Carnival

The most favorite holydays of the children are the winter ones. Winter is the time of vacations, presents and funny parties. National Art Museum of Moldova organizes Children’s Carnival, a party full of humor, songs and dances. The children will embellish the museum Christmas tree with toys, garlands and cards made by hand at workshops.

It became a wonderful tradition to organize exhibitions of children’s drawings with the subject “Winter and its holydays in the creation of little artists”. Real masterpieces are displayed on the cymae of the museum and little authors are glad to find their names in the exposition. Let’s take part together in the most magnificent events of the year!

Advantages of the active visits

Complement through active programs the traditional education
Stimulate active teaching in a new environment
Train a critical and inquisitive mind related to the image
Improve the skills of communication and rationalization
Contribute to the creation of an own system of appreciation
Offer the children and youngsters a background to understand the artworks

We invite teachers to make a visit to the museum beforehand. Let’s choose together the subjects, we are open for suggestions. The programming is made at least a week in advance. Additional information can be obtained at Public Relations Department at telephone number 241312

Working hours

10.00-18.00 (April-October)
10.00-16.30 (November-March)

Free entry for kindergarten children and disabled persons.
Guided tours in Romanian or Russian – 30 lei per group (children, students), 50 lei per group (adults), in English - 80 lei per group (children, students), 100 lei per group (adults)
For any of these activities the groups will be formed of not more than 20 people

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