Noaptea muzeelor


This year's 15th edition, Night of Museums, organized under the patronage of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research, will be held on May 18th. A cultural event in which the circuit is still active was not invited to make its descendancy a cultural heritage of a cultural organization.

The European Night of Museums

at the National Art Museum of Moldova:

1. Visit to the temporary exhibition: The International Painting Biennial Chisinau 2019 and a Permanent Exhibition of Universal Art.

2. Master class Carpet Art, with the involvement of students from the Ion Creangă Faculty of Fine Arts and Design at UPS

3. Creation workshop for children and adults

4. The fun game We put the masks down! , with the support of the actors from the National Theater Eugene Ionesco

5. Creating portrait drawings in pencil, charcoal, blood, crayon and visitors of a portrait, with the involvement from Academic Art High School I. Vieru and the students from the Academy of Music, Theater and Fine Arts

6. Making decorative designs with henna

Music Recitals:

1. Ion Negura - lead singer-flautist of the Hall with Organ in Chişinău, piano - Olga Iuhno

2. National Chamber Choir with Orga, conductor - Ilona Stepan

3. Alexandru Cioroi - dulcimer

4. Classical music recitals supported by the students from the Teachers AND: A. Stârcea School of Arts, Maria Biesu School of Music for Children, Republican Music High School S. Rahmaninov, Republican Music High School C. Porumbescu, Center of Excellence Education artistic Ş. Dirk and students of the Academy of Music, Theater and Fine Arts

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