Ghenadie Zacov

Ghenadie Zâcov - graphics

On Thursday, March 11, 2021, at 10.00, the National Museum of Art of Moldova will open the commemorative exhibition Ghenadie Zâcov - graphics

Painter, graphic artist, Ghenadie Zâcov was born on March 11, 1931, in the town of Kolpino in the St. Petersburg region. He studied at the Republican School of Fine Arts "Ilia Repin" in Chisinau (currently the Republican College of Fine Arts "Alexandru Plamadeala"), attending the courses of the Polygraphic Institute in Moscow. He actively participates in republican, union and international exhibitions. Since 1958 he has been a member of the Union of Fine Artists of the MSSR. He practiced the field of graphics, painting, restoration and scenography.

During his life he made a precious series of works in color linocut, representing the Hotin fortress, Soroca, the White Fortress, the Ţâpova and Japca monasteries.

In addition to industrial landscapes, the artist creates a series of works on the beauty of nature, including: From the field, 1966; Stoguri. Donut, 1966; Pîdurea de la Chiţcani, 1958, where Ghenadie Zâcov seeks to express, through color, the feelings he experiences deeply by coming into contact with nature. The work Râul, 1980, made in etching technique, impresses with its chromatic and compositional structure. The author managed to convey the state of anxiety, anxiety that encompassed nature.

His works are preserved in multiple museum collections in the Republic of Moldova.
Ghenadie Zâcov is buried in Tiraspol, on May 27, 2013.

The exhibition presents 30 works from the collection of the National Museum of Art of Moldova, and will remain open to the public from March 11 to April 11, 2021.

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