the contemporary art exhibition "10 + 1, Lepșa 2020".

On Tuesday, April 13, 2021, starting with 14.00, the National Museum of Art of Moldova opens the exhibition of contemporary art "10 + 1, Lepșa 2020".

Curators: Liviu Nedelcu and Tudor Zbârnea

        Debuted in the formula "An artist and his friends", the exhibition series "Ten plus one" is in its 11th edition.
       This year's edition of the Lepșa Symposium, one of the most sustainable initiatives of the cultural authorities and the artistic community of Vrancea, took place online, in the special conditions imposed by the pandemic.
      Dreamed without interruption since the years of Impressionism, the moment of detachment from daily activity and penetration into the pure universe of nature was lived by each artist in his usual space of existence, but with the symbolic location in the fabulous world of Carpathian forests in Vrancea.
12 works are exhibited, the artists being: Liviu Nedelcu, Mihai Chiuaru, Rodica Gherghinoiu, Marcel Lupșe, Andrei Negură, Mihai Perca, Dumitru Ștefan, Vasile Tolan, Gheorghe Zărnescu, Elena Karacențeva and Vasile Rață.
To a greater extent, a severe filter of reality was imposed, eliminating everything that is incidental, in order to reach the recognition and imposition of visual language. At this edition, the efforts of abstraction, of coming out from under the empire of derision, which are caused by the contact with the natural background, are clearer.

The exhibition will be open from April 13 to May 8, 2021.

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