Nomad photography exhibition in Iran by Aurel Cepoi

Wednesday, February 17, 2021, 16.00 The National Museum of Art of Moldova, in collaboration with the Cartier publishing house, will inaugurate the Nomad photography exhibition in Iran by Aurel Cepoi.

The event is occasioned by the release of the album The Last and the Lost.

"Qashqai is not a car brand. Aurel Cepoi knows why.

He slept with them in tents. In the real nomadic black wool tent. On empty ground. He fired his rifle. To scare the jackals, who appear around at night. He stabbed goats with them. She danced at their weddings. He ate from their food. He drank from their tea. He traveled 15,000 kilometers through Iran. In 60 days. In the five trips: April 2018, September 2018, November 2018, February-March 2019, May 2019. He was in ten tribes. Five of them are nomads. Only one is of Arab origin, the rest are Turkish tribes.

There are a million nomads in Iran. Twice a year, one million people load their goods into cars or donkeys and travel with their animals 300-400 kilometers between summer and winter locations. I lead a life on the brink of survival, at the mercy of nature. A combination of the Middle Ages and the Bill Gates Age. Solar panels, nomadic primary schools, cars, mobile phones or weddings in restaurants. The album contains 111 images, exactly how many steps are at the entrance to Persepolis, a holy place for Iranians, regardless of ethnic group, political preferences, place of residence, droughts or stages of the nuclear program. " (Gheorghe Erizanu)

AUREL CEPOI was born on July 25, 1968, in Ochiul Alb village, Drochia district, Republic of Moldova. He graduated from the village school in 1985 and the Chisinau Polytechnic Institute in 1992. A graduate of the New York Institute of Photography (2016).

He photographs with passion, mainly projects with documentary impact. In February 2016, he organized a charity exhibition about Middle Asia. The money was donated to the Tony Hawks Center for the Rehabilitation of Children with Disabilities. Winner of The Independent Photographer, Tokyo Prize Awards, Australian Prize Awards and LensCulture

He is the author of the photographs for the volume Ilarie Voronca, Over the blood diagonal, Poems chosen by Emilian Galaicu-Păun (Collection neighborhood no. 8, Cartier Publishing House, 2016).

The Last and the Lost. The transition of Iranian nomads into disappearance is the first author's album by Aurel Cepoi (Cartier Publishing House, 2021).

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