Russian Art

If to look from the point of view of the number of works conserved in the funds of National Art Museum of Moldova, Russian art is situated on the second place after National art. This thing could be easily explained if we take into consideration the fact that art pieces were acquired from collectors from Moscow and Saint Petersburg. After the war there were made donations by central museums from Russian Federation for the development of the museum net all over the former Soviet Union. Thus, in Chisinau were brought important specimens of Russian painting: at the end of the 40ies remarkable works were donated Young girl at bathing by Zinaida Serebreacova, the sketch Head of a boy by Aleksandr Ivanov, and Portrait of Julia Proshinskaia by Boris Kustodiev. In 1975 were purchased the well known paintings Girl with grapes by Orest Kiprenski, At the inn by Vladimir Makovski, and a range of graphic works made by Valentin Serov, Filip Maleavin and others.

At present the collection of National Art Museum of Moldova holds works representing almost all the genres of Russian art (only with the exception of medieval sculpture in wood). From the chronological point of view there are reflected almost all the stages of the development of art in this country – from medieval icons to the paintings and graphic works from the Soviet period. Less in number but very valuable are the paintings made by Russian masters of the 18th century (Portrait of Peter the Ist and others). The 19th century is represented more completely – there are works of masters of neoclassicism and Russian romanticism as well as works of realist painters from “peredvijnik” trend. The first decade of the 20th century and the period before the Revolution from October 1917 is best represented through paintings and graphic works of the Russian artists that were part of the association “The World of Art” (Mir iscusstva). The artworks from the soviet period are the most numerous.


Maica Domnului. sec. XVI.Tempera, lemn, 40,6x33,3 cm
Ioan Premergătorul. sec. XVI Tempera, lemn, 31,4x27,3 cm
Ioan Premergătorul. Paleh, sec. XVII. Tempera, lemn, aurire, 33x27,8 cm
Sfânta Treime cu medalioane. sec. XVII. Tempera, lemn, aurire. 43x37 cm
Dumnezeu Atotţiitorul. Şcoala de Iaroslavl. sec. XVII Tempera, lemn 48,3x38,5 cm
Înger-păzitor. Paleh, sec. XVII Tempera, lemn, aurire 31,5x26,8 cm
Preacuviosul Alexie, omul Domnului, cu medalioane. sec. XVII Tempera, lemn, aurire 41,3x36,7 cm
Paternitas, sau Sfânta Treime. sec. XVII. Tempera, lemn, aurire 42,7x34,3 cm
Icoana cu dublă faţă, Pictură de Novgorod, sec. XVII Tempera, pânză, 22,2x18,1 cm
Mineie anuală , sec. XVIII Tempera, lemn, aurire 33,5x28,9 cm
Icoană prăznicară. Pictură de Stroganov, sec. XVIII Tempera, lemn, aurire 22,6x10 cm
Acoperământul Maicii Domnului. sec. XVIII - XIX Tempera, lemn, aurire 35,6x30,9cm


Anonim, jum. sec. XIX, Rusia. Portret de femeie, fildeş, acuarelă, 7,8x6,6cm
Kriukov Lev (1783 - 1843), Rusia. Portret de bărbat, fildeş, acuarelă, 3,6x3,1cm
Ruhov, 1 jum. sec. XIX, Rusia. Portretul unui necunoscut, lemn, ulei, 12x11 cm
Anonim, 1 jum. sec. XIX, Rusia. Portret de femeie, fildeş, acuarelă, 6,7x5,3cm
Anonim, sec.XIX, Europa de Vest. Portret de femeie, fildeş, acuarelă, 5,8x3,8cm
Monogramist I.V, inc. sec. XIX, Franţa. Portretul lui Napoleon Buonaparte, fildeş, acuarelă, aurire, 5,9x4,9cm
Anonim, sec. XIX, Europa de Vest. Portretul Beatrice Cenci, porţelan, ulei, 8,4x6,6cm
Borovikovskii Vladimir (1757-1825), Rusia. Portret de bărbat în turban, fildeş, guaşă, 9,3x7,3cm

Russian Painting

Lampi Johann Baptiste II (1775 – 1837) Portretul unui necunoscut în mundir roşu. Ulei, pânză, 59,7x49,1cm
Losenko Anton (1737 – 1773) Apostolul Andrei. Ulei, pânză , 47x38cm
Portret de bărbat. 1832. Ulei, pânză, 76,5x62,5cm
Rizzoni Alexandr (1836 – 1902) Cardinal. 1896. Ulei, pânză, 46x36cm
Neff Timofei (1805 – 1876) Portret de femeie. 1850. Ulei, pânză, 71,2x62cm
Surikov Vasilii (1848 – 1916) Studiu pentru tabloul „Bunavestire”. Ulei, pânză, 42,7x31,1cm
Şişkin Ivan (1832 – 1898) Pini. 1884. Ulei, pânză, 66,5x44,6cm
Measoedov Grigorii (1835 – 1911) Portret de doamnă. Ulei, pânză, 70,8x54,2cm
Makovskii Vladimir (1846 – 1920) În cârciumă. 1882. Ulei, pânză, 123x194cm
Makovskii Vladimir (1846 – 1920) Figură de femeie. 1883. Ulei, pânză, 67,1x35,2cm
Kustodiev Boris (1878 – 1927) Portretul Iuliei Proşinskaia. Ulei, pânză, 88x64,5cm
Jukovskii Stanislav (1873 – 1944) Parc pe moşia „Berejok”, gubernia Tver. 1906. Ulei, pânză, 40x59,8cm
Nesterov Mihail (1862 – 1942) Fata în roz. 1921. Ulei, pânză, 40,2x21,4cm
Korovin Konstantin (1861 – 1939) Portretul necunoscutei. Ulei, pânză, 67x33,2cm
Grabari Igor (1871 – 1960) Răsărit de soare. 1941. Ulei, pânză, 57,6x75,2 cm
Koncealovskii Piotr (1876 – 1959) Măcieş şi iasomie. 1952 Ulei, pânză, 78,3x70,6cm

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