World decor art and sculpture

Cultural and artistic items that form the World Decor Art and Sculpture Collection of National Art Museum of Moldova comprise at the moment 1263 pieces made of wood, metal, embroidering, tapestry, furniture, bone, faience and porcelain. They are all marked by a special aestheticism and represent a variety of forms and styles. The techniques, materials and dominant principles differ from one country to another revealing the specific feature of each one. The majority of the works are of European origin: France, Germany, Great Britain, Austria, but also China and other Eastern countries. They offer a picture of the variation of the taste for décor art in different epochs.

The objects made of faience and porcelain are the most numerous. They comprise new pieces and manufactured ones that are specimens of the processing skill which satisfies the decorative requirements as well as utilitarian ones.

A smaller number of items made of metal, wood, glass, embroidering but of the same beautifulness and expressiveness complement this group. This category enters knives, candlesticks, church cult objects, sets, glasses, goblets, vases etc.

At present the museum’s gallery with West European Art permanent exhibition offers the large public the possibility to study and admire 38 décor artworks: furniture pieces, sculptures and vases.

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